Four Steps
To Purpose

1) Get The Big Picture

2) Eliminate Objections

3) Reconnect with God

4) Join the Cause


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Eliminate Objections
The Second Step to Purpose

     Becoming a part of the Kingdom of God requires a commitment and a step of faith. But doubts based on unanswered questions can keep one from taking that step. On this page you will find answers to a few of the more common objections/questions. When we get the Big picture (God's perspective) we begin to understand some things like:

  • why the wages of sin is death
  • why God had to separate Himself from sinful man
  • who Jesus is
  • why Jesus had to die on the cross
  • why Jesus is the only way to salvation
  • why God allows hardship and pain to continue in the world
     If these are still issues to you, read the full text version of The Big Picture. The answers are there. They may not be the most complete answers or the ones you want to hear, but they are there.

     Below are a few other questions/objections with links to answers. 

Just remember: You will never be able to answer all your questions about God prior to joining His plan. Why? Well, maybe you should read the story about The Big Rock. It is a response to the question: "Can God create a rock so big He can't lift it?" 
I'm not so bad, I'm basically a good person
     How Clean is Clean?

Is the Bible true? Can it be trusted?
   The Bible is the most amazing book ever written. If you doubt it, click on the links below and read.
    Holy Bible Wholly True
    Mistakes In the Bible
    A Mathematical Challenge

Is Jesus the only way?
     If you still think Jesus is "just one of many ways to God," read this:
    Only One Way
    Was Jesus a Madman? 
    The Incomparable Christ

If man is evil, and God created man, then didn't God create evil?
     Did God Create Evil?

Why Must God be so rigid in His rules?
     Rules Are Essential!

Have a question?
     Send us a question and we will try to answer it for you.
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Reconnect with God

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