Can God Make a Rock So Big
He Cannot Lift It?

      For the rock to have measurable weight, it would have to be inside the gravitational field of an other mass or planet such as earth. Then the weight would be relative to the mass of the planet. The rock would have to be smaller than the planet. If it were larger than the planet it would be the planet and the planet would become the rock. But God made the planets! So the question really is "Can God make a planet so big that a rock could exist on it that He could not lift?" But since He made the planet, which is bigger than the rock, He can obviously lift the rock, since the weight of the rock will always be relative to and smaller than the planet. Therefore He must make a bigger planet, and a bigger rock, etc. This could go on and on. Therefore, to answer the question, one must be able to measure infinity and infinity, by its very nature, cannot be measured.

      Actually, this answer is ludicrous but no less so than the question. God can create physical things in infinite proportions but He exists outside the confines of finite measurements and physical objects. He is a Spirit and the spiritual realm is a higher realm than the physical. Therefore, He can create a rock of any size and no matter how big it is, He can lift it. To Him it has no weight, no matter how big it is!

      The design of the question is to avoid admitting that God is God. If God cannot create a rock that big, then He is limited and must not be God. But if He can create a rock so big He cannot lift it, then He is weak and cannot be God. It is just one more feeble attempt of a man trying to outsmart God and put Him in a corner. Sorry. Whoever came up with this question was probably just caught up in the idolatry of his own reasoning power. 

      God is much more powerful than the mind that comes up with such a question and that alone should be enough to cause us to fall down and worship Him. Imagine a person refusing to serve God because of not getting a satisfactory answer to such a question! Imagine some one saying, "Yes, God made the world I see and the earth and the mountains (pretty big rocks) simply by speaking them into existence (pretty strong), but I won't worship Him because I need to know if He can make a rock so big He can't lift it." It amounts to saying, "I won't serve God unless I can fully understand Him first." And that amounts to saying,. "I won't serve God unless I can be equal with Him." And there we have the root of all sin - rebellion of the created desiring to usurp the Creator. 


      Worship God and believe in the things that are already evident. Obey Him according to the eternal laws that He has already given us in His Holy Bible. Your understanding will grow. Then one day, when you stand before Him face to face, you can ask Him about the big rock. However, I don't think you will want to then. 

© copyright 1999
Brad Sherman
Purpose Ministries