Rules Are Essential

     Imagine you are at game seven of the World Series. It is the bottom of the ninth, the score is tied and your team is at bat with two outs. The pitcher hurls a blazing fastball and the batter swings with all his might. “Strike three!” barks the umpire, “You’re out!”
     But wait a minute, the batter is protesting loudly. He is demanding another chance to hit the ball. The umpire takes off his mask, looks the batter in the eye and says, “Sorry, Pal, you’re out.” 
But as the umpire and the batter stand toe to toe, the people in the stands begin to chant in unison, “Four strikes. Four strikes. Four strikes...” The umpire looks at the angry crowd, the batter, the crowd again, and then back at the batter. “Ok! Fine! You can have one more strike.” Now the crowd is happy and so is the batter. Everything is ok—right?
     No, everything is not ok. The rules can’t be changed! It’s not right! How long could the game of baseball survive if the rules were changed every time someone was upset about being called out? Not very long! Soon the game would be in chaos and completely break down.
     Yet people constantly try to change God’s rules to fit their immediate circumstances. This is called moral relativism. Relativism teaches that there is no absolute right or wrong; whatever you believe is right for you is right for you. Yet this lawlessness only causes society to break down and move toward chaos.
God is unchanging in His rules for all creation, because He knows that creation would have no future without His absolute standards. This is why God says, “I the LORD do not change So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed” (Mal 3.6).
     God has even given us a rule book, the Holy Bible, to teach us His standards. His Word is His law and it will not change. 
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"Rules Are Esential" 
is an excerpt 
from the book:
Getting A Grip On Life
by Brad Sherman

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