Four Steps
To Purpose

1) Get The Big Picture

2) Eliminate Objections

3) Reconnect with God

4) Join the Cause


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Four Steps to Purpose

     God created us for a purpose. Therefore, true purpose can only be found as we understand and participate in His plan. Please understand, we are not simply talking about religion here. There is such a thing as true religion, but religion is largely responsible for the lack of purpose in our world. 

There are four basic steps to get purpose:

1. Get The Big Picture
     No one seriously pursues something with out understanding what or why they are pursuing it. That is why getting the Big Picture is essential to get purpose. Read this article carefully.

2. Eliminate Objections
     Objections are doubts or misconceptions that we get hung up on. They prevent us from getting involved with the greatest cause of all. Getting the Big Picture will eliminate some of the major objections. We have listed a few others but make no attempt to be exhaustive. We realize we cannot answer every question anyway! Even the correct answer is not good enough for some people because they are not looking for an answer, but an objection. After all, if you must know everything first, you are trying to be God and if I could answer every question, I would be God.

3.  Reconnect with God.
     You were created in the image of God. God loves you and has a wonderful fulfilling purpose for you. You have a destiny, but you cannot fulfill it apart from God.

4. Join the Cause.
     How to join the cause. The greatest cause of all, at least as far as this world is concerned, is to see the kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven. That is why Jesus came in the first place, to bring peace on earth and good will toward men. Are you getting the picture? Can you imagine world peace? Hey, it's God's idea and He has the only plan to see it happen!

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